July 23, 2024
Miami Vice

In the 1980s, fashion was all about looking professional and put together. Women were striving to look like they had just stepped out of an office, and men were donning suits and ties on a daily basis. Then, along came Miami Vice. The television show, which premiered in 1984, followed the story of two undercover detectives in Miami. So, what to know about what fashion trend did “Miami vice” help make popular?

The characters, played by Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, popularized a new style of clothing that was casual, comfortable, and cool. Suddenly, it was acceptable for men to dress down at work—and the trend of Casual Friday was born.

How Miami Vice Changed the Way We Dress for Work

Before Miami Vice came along, the workplace was a much different place. Men were expected to wear suits and ties every day, and women were expected to dress in business-appropriate clothing that conveyed professionalism.

Then, Miami Vice changed everything. The characters on the show popularized a new style of clothing that was casual, comfortable, and cool.

  • Men began ditching their suits and ties in favor of pastel polo shirts and khaki pants.
  • Women started dressing down as well. Suddenly, it was acceptable to dress casually at work—and the trend of Casual Friday was born.

The Impact of Miami Vice on Fashion Trends

While Casual Friday may be the most lasting impact that Miami Vice has had on fashion trends, it is not the only one. The show also popularized other trends that are still popular today, such as white sneakers and unbuttoned shirts.

Miami Vice

In fact, many designers have credited Miami Vice with inspiring their collections. And it’s not just fashion designers who have been influenced by the show; even high-end brands like Gucci have been known to take style cues from Miami Vice. 

The influence of Miami Vice dress trends in the fashion world

In the 1980s, Miami Vice popularized a sleek, stylish look that was the complete opposite of the law enforcement uniforms of the time. The Miami Vice style featured brightly colored shirts, tailored suits, and designer stubble, and it quickly became coveted by fashion-savvy consumers around the world.

Thanks to its strong association with the show, Miami Vice dress trends had a significant influence on mainstream fashion in the 1980s and 1990s. At a time when mainstream fashion was still heavily influenced by traditional gender roles, Miami Vice helped to pave the way for a more unisex approach to styling. These days, the Miami Vice look is still considered to be highly stylish, and it continues to inspire fashion designers and trendsetters alike.


Miami Vice has left a lasting impression on fashion trends—so much so that the show is still influencing what we wear today, nearly 40 years after it premiered. From Casual Friday to white sneakers, there’s no question that Miami Vice has had a major impact on the way we dress for work and beyond.

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