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Fashion, by definition, is fleeting – so it’s important as a fashion blogger to stay attuned to the latest trends and topics. Gone are the days when a fashionista could simply grab the latest print issue of Vogue and feel in the loop… so how does a modern style maven stay in informed on all that is chic, and avoid writing posts on trends that are so 10-minutes ago?

BuzzFeed Trending

BuzzFeed has a knack for picking up on stories just before they go viral (or perhaps they go viral because they’re featured on BuzzFeed), and their style section often features a wealth of fashion-focused content, top 10 lists and news items. Want to stay ahead of the pack? Check BuzzFeed Trending to see what’s hot right now, and to view their top posts of the week.

Google+ What’s Hot & Google Trends

Sure, Google+ may get a bad rap in terms of its popularity as a social platform, but when it comes to omnipresent understanding of all that it hot and all that is not, Google knows all. Their What’s Hot section presents trending topics (and whether there has been in increase or decrease on those topics), as well as posts from around the web that are relevant to those topics. You can even search a particular hashtag, such as fashion, to view recent posts tagged on Google+ along with similar suggestions.

Google Trends is a little different, in that it shows the latest hot and trending searches for your location (which you can edit via a handy drop-down). View via Google’s cool and uber-clean interface, where you can choose whether to view 1 – 25 trending topics at a time, or check out a more in-depth breakdown of trending data.

NewsWhip App

NewsWhip are the team behind paid content discovery tool Spike, but their News App is free to use – offering relevant trending content that you can filter by location. The app also displays the number of times a particular article has been shared on Facebook and Twitter, and offers the option to view only fashion-related trending content when you filter by Topic along the left-hand navigation.

Trend Hunter

The original trend-watching organization, Trend Hunter is fueled by a global network of 155,000 members and 3-million fans. While they offer Pro Trends for businesses on a premium subscription basis, their Ideas section is free to use, and can be filtered by topics such as fashion, life, design and more. Browse their suggested articles – each of which are accompanied by stats on popularity, activity, demographics and more.


Twitter was responsible for bringing the idea of trending topics into the collective consciousness of the blogosphere, and remains one of the most popular resources for discovering trending content online. If you’re logged in, Twitter can show you trending topics its algorithm believes are relevant to your brand. Head to Twitter Search for the skinny on the top un-tailored trends, listed along the bottom of the search bar. Search topics – such as fashion – and you’ll find relevant top news, related articles and searches.

Trust Your Own Instincts

While algorithms speed up the process of discovering trending topics, you can’t beat your own intuition when it comes to picking up on trends that are most relevant to your readers. Continue to regularly browse the pages of your own favorite fashion resources, and take note of recurring topics and themes – especially if they seem to have a lot of social shares and user comments. Whether you bookmark them and set aside time to browse, or you create a feed from your best-loved sources to come to your inbox or app of choice, staying well-read will not only help keep you in the loop – it will also help you become a better writer.

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