How to generate traffic for your fashion blog

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You’ve launched a beautifully-styled fashion blog and filled it with killer content… but when it comes to getting people to actually find you online, you’re a bit stuck. There’s little point in maintaining a brilliant blog if no-one knows you exist, so generating traffic is crucial to building a solid fan base and making your site a success.

Wondering where all of your would-be fans are hiding? Here are five sure-fire places and means of finding them, driving them to your site, and turning them into true fans.

Within the Fashion Community

Networking can play an important role in building up a fan base, so figure out which online communities are best suited to your needs and interests, and then involved! Independent Fashion Bloggers is perhaps one of the best-known and popular online communities for fashion bloggers – offering a space to share experiences and resources, find other bloggers in your area, and promote your blog out to the large IFB fan base. Build your profile to get yourself featured in the e-news spotlight, and submit your best posts for consideration to be included in the weekly Links a la Mode round-up.

Fans of your Blogging Heroes

Guest posts and interviews are still a relevant traffic-building tactic for fashion bloggers, so utilize the connections you’ve built in online fashion blogger communities to invite contributions and offer original and relevant content. Pitch guest posts based on your area of style-expertise to likeminded bloggers, or ask if they’d like to be interviewed about a particular subject (their tips for summer style/ launching a fashion shop on Etsy/ favorite online stores) for your blog. Guest posting and interviewing can be mutually beneficial for both bloggers when you have a similar target market. Ensure both of you agree to link back to the other, and give credit on image use etc.

The SM Junkies

Social media is now one of the most effective means of driving traffic to your fashion blog, so join the conversation and contribute something interesting and meaningful. Get into the habit of posting your outfit of the day and recent fashion finds on Instagram. Build style boards and wishlists on Pinterest. Jump into the conversation on Twitter to discuss the merits of a good clutch bag. Create a video on YouTube demonstrating how to update a thrifted find, shop a vintage store, or organize your closet. You don’t need to be overly promotional. Users will link through to your site if they have a rad time chatting with you, so focus on real conversations and the traffic will follow.

The People IRL

Yes, you can generate traffic to your fashion blog In Real Life – especially if you attend local fashion events and get into the habit of networking. Potential fans and readers can be anywhere, including that sales assistant you spent 20 minutes chatting to during your last trip to the mall, or the woman browsing Vogue you sat next to on the train last week.
Have a bunch of business cards printed and keep these handy at all times. That way, when you strike up a conversation about your blog, you have something to give people to encourage them to check out your content.

The Hashtaggers

Stay abreast of the latest fashion hashtags and use these to draw more relevant connections to your social feeds. Avoid overusing hashtags as this can look unprofessional – instead, tag your posts with two or three hashtags that are highly-relevant to your content.

Popular fashion-related tags include #fashion, #shop, #streetstyle, #winterfashion, #summerfashion, #fashioninspo, #outfit, #ootd, #style, #tbt, #picoftheday, and #instafashion, though hashtag trends can change rapidly so it’s important to stay up to date on trends to avoid looking dated. You can check sites such as to see which tags are currently trending.

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