10 Fashion Blogs Every Blogging Newbie Needs to Read

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If you want to find your own unique style – in terms of writing, rather than garb and accessories – you’ll need to consume a whole lot more than The Satorialist* to feed your fashion blogging muse. Check out these 10 must-read blogs for inspiration, and to see how the pros go about building a niche and a following.

Hello Fashion

Having discovered her love of fashion at a young age, and with a degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Business, Christine Andrew founded Hello Fashion in December 2011 as a way to showcase current trends in fresh, inspiring ways and to communicate directly with “the everyday woman” while offering style inspiration and advice along the way.

The Fashion Guitar

After working with several fashion blogs in her former job, Charlotte realized she wanted to launch her own – and thus, The Fashion Guitar was born. Now residing in New York and balancing fulltime blogging with being a mother, Charlotte writes about fashion, beauty, travel and personal style.

Harper & Harley

Fans of minimalism with an eye for monochromatic black, white and grey tones adore Harper & Harley – an Australian fashion and beauty blog penned by Sara Donaldson. Dedicated to offering readers regular inspiration on creating the perfect wardrobe of key essential pieces, this blog’s uniquely relaxed chic philosophy has garnered international attention and seen Sara work with leading brand such as Estée Lauder, YSL Beauté, Sephora, Tony Bianco, GHD, Gucci, and Nike.

Man Repeller

Prefer to approach style with a sense of humor? Then Leandra Medine’s Man Repeller needs to be added to your fashion blog reading list. Having kicked off her career with a blog called Boogers + Bagels, fiercely funny Leandra launched her style guide following an irreverent conversation while shopping with a friend about how ‘man-repelling’ all the fashion-forward outfits they loved were.


Like lipstick, cats, vintage dresses and junk food? Then you’ll adore the quirky editorial stylings of Carrie Harwood, who began her blogging journey back when LiveJournal was a thing. WishWishWish now focuses on style, beauty and travel from the point of view of a country girl now living in London.

The Frugality

London-based freelance fashion stylist Alexandra Stedman offers thrifty tips and pearls of wisdom on finding high street bargains – for real people – via her blog, The Frugality. Certainly worth a read for any bloggers looking for a lesson in keeping it real in an industry where keeping up appearances can sometime create impractical expectations.

Advanced Style

Looking for a great example of a fashion blog that breaks all the rules and dances to the beat of its own sense of style? Check out the work of New York photographer Ari Seth Cohen – whose blog Advanced Style thumbs its nose at the idea that fashion is exclusively a young person’s game, and is dedicated to the “style and stories of the silver-haired set”.

What My Boyfriend Wore

Fashion isn’t just for the gals, as beautifully demonstrated by Sergio Ines’ blog, What My Boyfriend Wore. Originally launched after his former girlfriend began documenting his outfits, the blog has grown into a menswear style sensation.

Rachel et Nicole

Self-proclaimed to be “not your typical blogosphere girls”, New York sisters Rachel and Nicole offer a quirky and youthful sense of fun and fashion adventure through their editorials. Each offering a unique perspective on style while working together to create a cohesive and memorable reading experience, Rachel et Nicole shows how collaboration can work well when you find the right blogging partner in crime.

In Detail

Most fashion blogs examine how to create an entire look through the use of various pieces – but style doesn’t always have to focus on the bigger picture. In fact, sometimes zooming in and looking at the finer details can reveal a lot more about a person’s personal style. Such is the case for former jewelry designer Beanie Major’s blog – aptly named In Detail – which has become the go-to for fashionable gem lovers.

  • *The Satorialist is also great. As one of the biggest and best-known fashion blogs in the world, you’ve probably already bookmarked it. If you haven’t, hop to it!

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